Vidas / Lives

Life-changing moments, dignity, tragedy, curiosity and a touch of surrealism: a great selection of creative and moving short fiction films by local, student and international directors.

Friday, Oct 6 @ 7PM-8:30PM - Appleton Grill Event Lounge

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Campito Kids

Dir. Anonio De Loera-Brust

Two children of a Mexican migrant farmworker struggle to adjust to their ever shifting homes & schools. The stresses of cultural and generational conflicts threaten to break this family apart as they grow up in a a world both hostile and enticing. [20 min. Spanish w/ English subtitles]



Dir. Ayana Hawk-Harris

Alita tries to stay strong for her mother while battling banks to save their house in West Oakland. [5 min. Local Filmmaker]


Deep In the Woods

Dir. Soyeon Kim

An animated short featuring abstract impressions to take us deep into the woods. [2:30 min. Local Filmmaker]

Honey I'm Home.jpg

Honey, I'm Home

Dir. Annie Taylor

Conrad comes home upset after a rough day at school. Perhaps his puppet wife Honey can help him sort things out. [4:30 min. Local Filmmaker]


No pases por San Bernardino / Don't Pass Though San Bernardino

Dir. Hugo Magaña

[U.S. Premiere!]

Through government institutions and social organizations, Ligia, a mourning peasant mother, searches for answers to her son’s tragic death. [18 min. Spanish w/ English subtitles. Mexico]
A través de instituciones gubernamentales y organizaciones sociales, Ligia, una madre campesina en medio del duelo, buscará respuestas ante la muerte de su hijo. [En español con subtítulos en inglés]



Dir. Adan Miguel

A French bird girl contemplates her existence and where she fits in this world. [4 min. Local Filmmaker]



Dir. Jonathan Rome

A young man is forced to deal with his very unusual roommate as she goes through a heartbreak. [10 min. Local Filmmaker]



Dir. Jennifer Castaneda

A young boy living through his stepfather's abuse finds comfort with his curandera neighbor.  She sees his sufferings and grants him three wishes, one of which will decide the fate of his family. [4:30 min. Local Filmmaker]



The Creature

Dir. Jane Tobias

After being disturbed by the terrestrial world, the Creature emerges from its burrow to examine human behavior. [2:30 min. Local Filmmaker]