Sunday, October 2nd

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Ovarian Psycos Community Bike Ride — 9:00am

Community Bike Rude - Ovarian Psychos-2.jpg

Join nuestras invitadas especiales Las Ovarian Psycos-Cycles Brigade, in town from East LA for the Festival, cycling around Watsonville for healing and celebration of our communities. Meeting at the Parking Lot behind the Fox Theater.  


El Canto del colibrí — 12:00pm


Marco Castro-Bojorquez - Director Attending

El Canto del Colibrí is a story of Latino fathers dealing with issues of immigration, faith, marriage equality, machismo, culture, and the process of their LGBTQ children coming out. Much like the seldom-heard song of the hummingbird, the voices of Latino fathers are rarely heard in addressing LGBTQ issues. This film aims to amplify their voices, seeking to fight isolation and build bridges of hope and solidarity among our Latino fathers, their families and community activists.

[53 min. All Ages. Bilingual Spanish/English]


Opening Short: Libertad


Indivisible — 2:00pm



Hilary Linder - Director Attending

Renata, Evelyn and Antonio were young children when their parents brought them to the U.S. in search of a better life. They were teenagers when their mothers, fathers, and siblings were deported. Indivisible follows these three DREAMers as they fight for a pathway to citizenship and a chance to be reunited with their loved ones. An emotional & inspiring film about the young people at the heart of our nation’s immigration debate.

[80 min. English, Spanish, Portuguese with English subtitles. All ages]



Boy & the World — 4:00pm


Boy & the World / O Menino e o Mundo

Alê Abreu

Cuca’s cozy rural life is shattered when his father leaves for the city. Determined to reunite his family, Cuca embarks on a journey that unfolds like a tapestry – the film’s stunning visuals becoming more complex as his small world expands. The story of a changing world through the eyes of a curious child, Boy and the World depicts a clash between village & city, nature & industry, rich & poor – and despite the tumult, the heart and soul of the people beats on as a song. 2015 Academy Award Nominee for Best Animated Film.

[80 min. No dialogue. All ages]


Opening Short: Noir


Closing Fiesta at Plaza Vigil — 5:30pm

Join us for a fun community celebration to close the festival, with food & music sponsored by the Plaza Vigil Merchants Association, across from La Plazita. Free to the public.