the Late Show: Saturday, October 1st

Horror Shorts - 9:15pm

Unsettling, macabre and shocking horror shorts, directed by local & international directors, as well as student filmmakers. Features the World Premiere of Lurker, produced in Watsonville. [90 min. program. English & Spanish with English subtitles. Ages 15+]

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Gabriel Medina - Director Attending

A young girl is left home alone and receives strange messages from an unknown number, which triggers some unexplainable events within the old Victorian home. [World Premiere. 10 min.]


They Will All Die In Space

Javier Chillón

The starship Tantalus drifts through space, harboring a terrible secret. [15 min.]



La ropavejera / The Huckster

Nacho Ruipérez

Trapped in a nineteenth-century mansion, nine children spend their days forsaken by fate, under the abuses of the Huckster. Is there any possibility of escape? [30 min]


The Maw

Jess Moss

The Maw is a dark animation about a child who is isolated from society while being abused and brainwashed by family. [4 min.]


Hansel + Gretel

Soyeon Kim

A new take on the Brothers Grimm fairy tale. [3 min]


Right Side of the Tracks

Richard Medina III

A young girl finds a mysterious painting inside an abandoned tunnel, which ends up being much more than she bargained for. [5 min.]


Where Are You?

Jonathan Rome - Director Attending

A stubborn boy runs away from his sister and hides in a corn maze; confusion reigns. [9 min.]




El espejo humano / The Human Mirror

Marc Nadal - Director

Based on a real story. A 17-year-old girl with social anxiety has hardly any contact with the outside world. Never leaving her home she watches the cruelties being reported on the news every day, bringing her mind closer and closer to the dangerous nature of society. [15 min]



Fish Eye

Tong Zhou - Director

A paranoid young maid is hired by a mysterious, neurotic man. While cleaning, she finds evidence which might be related to a serial killer. [China. 14 min.]