Saturday, October 1st

The world in short — 12:00pm

A powerful, eye-opening collection of fiction & documentary shorts by local and international directors, as well as university & high school filmmakers. The program includes WFF Inspirational Filmmker Award, presented to Monterey-based Animator/Filmmaker/Instructor Soyeon Kim.

[Program 95 min.  English & Spanish with English Subtitles.]

Dollar a Day_2.JPG

Ahco On The Road

Soyeon Kim - Director Attending

Animated film based on a true story of a baby elephant, who is on a journey to find her way back home after being separated from her mother. [9 min.]


El Cacao

Michelle Aguilar

In the lush rainforest of Panama, an indigenous cacao farmer, his wife and grandchildren confront environmental and economic complexities as they grow, harvest and sell cacao beans for a global chocolate market. El Cacao asks the question: Does Fair Trade Certification really work? [20 min.]



The Call

Brianna Beavers - Director Attending

On an afternoon like any other, a young girl has a revealing phone conversation. [8 min.]



Jacqueline Aquino

Living in a world and age where beauty is greatly defined by the media, Carla finds herself on a journey of self-reflection and on the verge of doing just about anything to be considered “beautiful." [8 min.]


Apis Mellifera

Cristian Duran & Joey Cloud

A poetic journey into the lives of honeybees, this experimental documentary evokes their pivotal role in global agriculture as well the species’ struggle for survival in a rapidly changing world.


Four Postcards to Marta

Hernán Talavera

A small film, made from a few postcards. These are simple, intimate postcards, which I sent to my girlfriend when she returned to her country, Latvia, in the autumn of 2014. [U. S. Premiere. 10 min.]



Jessica Scrimshaw

Animated story about relationships and the baggage that we all carry. [4 min]


As Seen On TV

Gabriel Norwood

After the loss of his parents, Adrian tries to cope with his depression by buying absurd gadgets from a late-night TV salesman. [10 min]


What Could Be

Spencer Merritt - Director Attending

Can one feeling, one word, change a life? The Harbor High ROP Video Program tackles the subjects of suicide, apathy & friendship in the story of two students at a critical moment in their lives. [14 min]


Periods Suck

Jonathan Rome - Director Attending

Three girls explain the torture and effects of their menstruation. [5 min.]