Beyond Human

Our annual program of frightening, eerie, supernatural and darkly humorous shorts, directed by local, international and student filmmakers. Includes Q&A with local directors.  [Recommended ages 13+]

Friday, Oct 6 @ 9PM - 10:45PM - Appleton Grill Event Lounge

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A Father's Day

Dir. Mat Johns

Unexpectedly reunited with his daughter among the ruins of the world, a father is determined to make this day special, even if they’re already dead.

[10 min. England]



Dir. Tony Vaca - director attending

Grindhouse parody horror film, Mexican style. For many centuries people have wondered what the secret recipe is for cooking the perfect carnitas....

[6:30 min. Spanish w English subtitles. Local filmmaker]


Grandma's Card Night

Dir. Rose Mercurio - director attending

Two little girls cause mischief during their grandma's card night with Death.

[4:30 min. Local filmmaker]


Jenny Loves Satan

Dir. Jenna Bryant

After 12-year old Jenny is mocked at school by her peers, suspended by her ruler-wielding teacher, lovingly misunderstood by her father, yelled at by her drunk mother, and sent to bed without supper, Jenny has no choice but to pray to Satan for help.

[14 min. English. USA]


Kevin's Quest

Dir. Joseph Cloud - director attending

A young Jack-O-Lantern guards his patch and his friends with dignity, until a horde of bats defecates on him and his property. Kevin heads out to right the wrongs that have been committed against him.

[3:30 min. Local filmmaker]


The Cleansing Hour

Dir. Damien LeVeck

Two failed filmmakers find success running a webcast that streams live exorcisms - that are actually faked. But when their latest subject may actually be demon-possessed, they are forced to reckon with their online charade - in front of millions of viewers. [19 min.]

[19 min. English. USA]


La rabia de Clara / Clara's Rage

Dir. Michelle Garza Cervera

After getting bitten by a rabid dog, Clara must stay locked in the small cabin with her family. While the town is assaulted by a pack of savage dogs, Clara's forced seclusion causes an intense desire for freedom.

[20 min. Spanish w/ English Subtitles. Mexico]



Tresspassers / Inkräktare

Dir. Johannes Persson

A couple that pays no mind to forbidden borders in a haunted cemetery pass beyond the line that separates the living and the dead.

[5 min. Swedish w/ English subtitles]




Dir. Gabriel Medina

A young girl is left home alone and receives strange messages from an unknown number, which triggers unexplainable events within the old Victorian home where she lives. An encore presentation by the Watsonville-based producer & director. [9 min]