Saturday, October 1st

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The world in short — 12:00pm

Dollar a Day_2.JPG

A powerful, eye-opening collection of fiction & documentary shorts by local and international directors, as well as university & high school filmmakers. The program includes Inspirational Filmmker Award, presented to Monterey-based Animator/Filmmaker/Instructor Soyeon Kim. [Program 95 min.  English & Spanish with English Subtitles.]

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The Great Sasuke — 2:30pm 


Mikiko Sasaki - Director attending

One life-changing year in the career of Japanese wrestler and local politician known as The Great Sasuke, who singlehandedly made Mexican-style Lucha Libre popular in Japan. Set in northern Japan, the story begins when Sasuke, now in his forties, marks his 20th anniversary as a wrestler. With dwindling attendance at his matches and declining health, Sasuke is at a crossroads. He decides to climb back into both arenas – wrestling and politics – for a final battle royale.

[73 min. Japanese with English subtitles. All ages]


Opening Short: Mother of All Rivers


En El Último Trago - One For The Road — 4:45pm


Jack Zagha Zagha Kababie. Producer/Writer Yossy Zagha Kababie attending

Mexican film veterans Luis Bayardo, Eduardo Manzano & José Carlos Ruiz play octogenarians who set out on a road trip in order to fulfill the dying wish of a lifelong friend. One for the Road is a funny and endearing exploration of aging, friendship and love, set to the timeless music of José Alfredo Jiménez.

[93 min. Spanish with English subtitles. Ages 13+]


Opening Short: Piel Canela


Ovarian Psycos — 7:00pm

Ovarian Psychos-1.jpg

Kate Trumbull & Joanna Sokolowski - Director & Ovarian Psycos attending

“Whose streets? Our streets!” Ride along with the Ovarian Psycos, a group of young women of color bringing feminist ideas, Indigenous knowledge, and the legacy of the Chicano/a civil rights movement onto the streets of Los Angeles. The group cycles through the barrios and boulevards of the Eastside, committed to collectively confronting injustice, racism and violence, and demanding and creating safe spaces for women.

[72 min. English. Ages 13+]


Opening Short: Mama Agatha

The Late Show

Horror Shorts — 9:15pm


Eerie and shocking horror shorts, directed by local & international Directors (from Spain & China), as well as student filmmakers. Features the World Premiere of Lurker, produced in Watsonville. Some directors in attendance. [Program: 105 min. English, Spanish & Chinese with English subtitles. Ages 15+]

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